GDC 2015 – Asteroids Outpost Screenshots and New Info – Headed for Early Access “Soon”

At GDC a private demonstration for the press was held for the upcoming (soon to be on early access) title Asteroids Outpost. Where they showed off some Pre-Alpha gameplay, mining some Asteroids. Asteroids Outpost is set to be an open world sandbox survival game. As a deep space miner, you must stake, protect, and expand your claim, to mine valuable resources. Craft, customize, and upgrade your equipment. Ally with friends and defend against claim jumpers as you go From Rocks to Riches.

Asteroids Outpost - Early Access Coming "Soon"

At the event they showed some gameplay, you started out by looking at a map to decide where to put down your first Outpost buildings, a main building and a large turret. Placement would appear to be important since you have an actual oxygen tank and the only place you can refill or not have to worry about your oxygen is inside a building. So if you were to place Outpost buildings to far apart, then you might run into some issues running to and from them.

The demo then featured actual resource collection. Every 30 seconds (my guess is that it was 30 seconds explicitly for the demo) asteroid showers would bombard your compound, and if you were to get caught out in the open during this time, well let's just say your health might take a turn for the worse. This is where the previously mentioned turret comes into play. You would shoot the incoming asteroids and they would in turn blow up  and the debris that lands on the surface is what you then mine. You then use the resources as in most "survival" games, to craft new tools, equipment, buildings and upgrades of all sorts.

Over at the Steam Page they have posted an update as well as a couple of in-game screenshots, which in fact are the first images of the game running in-engine.

asteroids outposts
asteroids outposts
asteroids outposts
asteroids outposts

And below is the update they posted:

After many months of development, Salty Games and Atari got the opportunity to present a first look at our pre-alpha build of Asteroids Outpost to the press at GDC this past week – we’re posting some of the feedback now, and you’ll be happy to see it’s really positive! We’re also showing a few lucking gamers a sneak peak at PAX this weekend. While the game is still deep in development with months of improvements and adjustments to be made, we feel that Asteroids Outpost is on track to give the Atari and Steam communities a game they will be truly excited to be a part of. 

Here at Salty we are big believers in working closely with the community to keep you all informed on what we are working on and planning, and also to get your feedback on what is working and what is not. Great games come from iteration and we feel that Steam Early Access is the best system out for getting the kind of feedback loop needed to make a truly great game! Trust me: the game is not done yet! That said, it is already a TON of fun, and we hope you all see the same potential we do and work with us to refine Asteroids Outpost into an awesome, polished, ULTRAFUN game!! I guess what I’m saying is: please bitch about the game so that we can make it better. 

Stay tuned for tons of new assets and weekly posts here on the community hub. I plan to do dev updates on a regular basis (super busy, small team, but hope to do this weekly). Also some of the other Salty team will make a post or two so you can hear from some of the other people that worked on this game (and I don’t get to hog all the limelight). 

Thanks for your interest in our game. First rule of Asteroids Outpost - don’t forget to look up!!!!

Another update that was made by the community manager stated that "Early Access will be opening up very soon", so that seems to be just around the corner then. The concept of Asteroids Outpost appeal to me, but I'm not really sold yet, and add to the fact that this will be yet another Early Access title, don't get me wrong there have been some really good Early Access games, but there's also been way to many bad ones and then there's the ones which the devs have just stopped working on.

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