Gamescom 2016 Tightens Security After Attacks in Germany, Organizers Ask To Leave Bags at Home

Alessio Palumbo

Gamescom 2016 is set to begin in ten days, opening August 17 for the press and the next day for the public. The organization announced some important changes for everyone who plans to attend this year.

In the wake of multiple terrorist attacks in Germany, safety measures (which will apply to all kinds of attendees) have been increased in the following way.

If not absolutely necessary, please leave bags and rucksacks and item of all kinds that you don't urgently need for your visit to gamescom at home in order to keep the waiting times down to a minimum. Since: Control measures, incl. bag checks, will be carried out at the entrances before entering the fair grounds. The controls will take on variable forms, which will depend on the respective short-term consultations with the safety authorities. Please expect longer queuing times and support us in carrying out the control measures by bringing no or as little luggage as possible with you to the fair. For planning your arrival: The safety controls start at 7:00 a.m., queues must be expected.

In a nutshell, don't bring anything that is not absolutely necessary in order to help diminish the inevitably long queues. Also, wake up early if you don't want to wait half morning before actually getting inside.

The document also details stricter costume regulations and an outright ban for imitation weapons and weapons-like items of cosplayers.

Cosplayers: gamescom also lives from the creativity of your costumes and as such cosplayers are still heartily welcome. Due to the incidents of the past days, we would kindly ask for your understanding that all imitation weapons or weapon-like items forming part of your costume are not permitted at gamescom 2016. We would kindly like to ask you to refrain from wearing imitation weapons or weapon-like items also in the city in consideration for the inhabitants and visitors of the city of Cologne. The background behind the tightening down on the costume regulations is to avoid frightening particularly children and families as well as other gamescom visitors, but also the inhabitants and guests of the city of Cologne by wearing authentically original costumes that in some cases contain imitation weapons and/or weapon-like items. All imitation weapons or weapon-like elements of your costume - regardless of the material and size - will be confiscated before you are admitted to the grounds. We would therefore kindly ask you not to bring these with you to gamescom. Exhibitor walkings acts at gamescom: As well as cosplayers, walking acts of the exhibitors are also still welcome at gamescom. However, these must be registered in advance and possible imitation weapons or weapon-like items will be examined and labelled before gamescom begins. After being examined these parts of the costume will not leave the fair grounds again throughout.

We'll have four editors on site at Gamescom 2016 to bring you all the latest on the games showcased in Cologne, Germany. Stay tuned for a full list of the titles we're going to see and report on.

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