Galaxy Z Flip Supply Will Not Be Affected by Coronavirus Shut Down

Galaxy Z Flip

A few days ago, it was reported that Samsung is shutting down the plant that was responsible for the production of Galaxy Z Flip; company's latest foldable flagship. The shut down happened because of Coronavirus' risk.

The plant in question is located in Gumi, South Korea, and while Samsung is known for producing the majority of its smartphones in Vietnam, for the higher end devices, the plant in Gumi is used. The report also suggested that the shut down will only be in effect for the weekend, and the plant will be operational again on 24th February, Monday. The speculations were that this delay could cause the supply of the Galaxy Z Flip to fall down.

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Factory Shut Down Won't Cause Delays

The factory was shut down after a confirmed case of Coronavirus. As per local reports, an employee working in the smartphone line contracted the virus on Saturday morning, and Samsung decided to shut down the factory right away until today.

The report also reveals that the employee in question has been in quarantine ever since, and as a precautionary measure, all the workers are being tested for the infection. Additionally, Samsung has also gone ahead and conducted a disinfection process throughout the entire factory over the weekend. The floor where the infected employee worked is also off-limits until February 25th.

As per the company in their official press release, this shut down is not going to have a massive impact on the production, which means that the supply will not be affected, as well. That being said, it is still important to know that the small setback may lead to increase in price, but Samsung ensures that it is not increasing the prices of the Galaxy Fold or the Galaxy Z Flip. But in order to meet the demands, the company will increase the operation time of the production lines.


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