Galaxy S9 Teasers Have Been Published And They Hint On The Flagship’s Imaging Capabilities

Galaxy S9

The South Korean branch of Samsung published 3 video teasers on Wednesday. These teasers were on the upcoming Galaxy S9 series of smartphones that are expected to take the world by a storm. Up till now, many concepts have been put forth by fans but we weren’t sure what the company would have in store for us. These clips, however, are hinting towards some aspects of what we can expect.

Galaxy S9 Teasers breakdown

From what we can see from the videos, it seems that the flagship series would be all about its imaging capabilities. From the first video, we can conclude that the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus will support animated emoji, similar to what we saw in iPhone X last fall. Basically, if you are a user of this phone, then you would be able to animate your emoji database simply by recording your face.

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If you look at the second video, you will see that the Galaxy S9 series will not only enhance low light performance but it may also debut dual LED flash units. The best thing is seen in the third teaser. There is a possibility that we will see slow-motion recording capabilities in the new series. We can see from the company’s own invitation for the product launch scheduled on the 25th of this month to have the tagline ‘Camera reimagined’.

It is expected that both the phones’ main sensors will be on 12-megapixel and the main improvement will be of the lens that may have a variable aperture of between f/2.4 and f/1.5. It is also expected that the S9 plus will have additional imaging improvements because of the second camera on its rear panel. According to recent reports, the company will start retailing its flagship products by mid-March.

Check out these teasers and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

News Source: Samsung Mobile (YouTube)

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