Galaxy S6 will be an “innovative premium handset”, says Samsung officials

Arhama Qureshi

After different pretended Galaxy S6 mock-ups, that we presented earlier, nowadays a glassier look, called for being upcoming Galaxy S6, has been delivered to us. Our informer says that it’s a render about the looks of Samsung Galaxy S6, such as design to be metal on sides and the inclusion of buttons.

Galaxy S6 to be an Innovative Premium Handset

Interestingly enough, today entire Korean media is abuzz with Robert Yi (IR head at Samsung), saying in an earnings call that, and Samsung will be launching an “innovative premium handset” plus a “special function”.  Though, so far, nothing is known about this mysterious function, however, if we consider earlier prototypes possessing aluminum side rim, than Robert might mean that, Galaxy S6 is coming indeed with an extra superior metal clad chassis. Indeed, Mr., Robert Yi, obliquely confirmed the profuse custom of quality supplies for Galaxy S6 shell aside comforting investors that company won’t have any problems regarding large scale metal chassis production, both from 3rd party suppliers and internally. Adding fuel to fire, Robert said that, Samsung will reinforce industry leadership through Amoled display and slim layout of metal clad devices. This statement pegged some technology analysts to state 2015 “the Samsung’s year”.  The latest metal chassis model is now also likely to swing to Samsung’s midranges no just on flagships. Regarding display of Galaxy S6, Chang-Hoon Lee (managing director display at Samsung) mentioned another indication that, the world might see Galaxy Edge along with Galaxy S6. Mr. Lee tried to comfort investors in his capacity that Samsung’s supple Amoled production line of latest A3 will be working efficiently to keenly react to the demands for supple smartphones.

We have to wait to see what Samsung brings with its innovative ideas. Samsung is expected to have a mega event on 1st or 2nd of March at Mobile World Congress. Undoubtedly, Samsung will surprise its customers. Everyone is excited about Samsung’s next flagship because of the widespread rumors. Tell us what you think about this coming device in the comment section. We will keep you updated in the meantime.

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