Galaxy S23 Finally Shows Up on Geekbench, Confirming Key Details

Furqan Shahid

Only yesterday, transparent cases belonging to all the Galaxy S23 series were leaked out, confirming some key design details that a lot of people have speculated, and today, we have our first look at the Galaxy S23 showing up on Geekbench, revealing a lot of key details; some we already knew, others are new to us.

The listing was spotted by Abhishek Yadav, and it appears that the Galaxy S23 is now on Geekbench.

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The Galaxy S23 Sports a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, with Just 8 Gigs of RAM

According to the listing, the Galaxy S23 is running Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, codenamed Kalama. The chipset is based on 8 cores, with a single core clocked at 3.36GHz, three cores running at 2.02 GHz, and four cores running at 2.80 GHz.

You are also getting Adreno 740 GPU under the hood and 8 gigs of RAM. Not to mention, the Galaxy S23 will run Android 13 out of the box.



While everything checks out about the Galaxy S23, the one thing that is the most disappointing is the fact that you are looking at a flagship with just 8 gigs of RAM. I am hoping that Samsung announces more variants of the same phone with higher RAM.

Samsung is set to introduce the Galaxy S23 series in the first quarter of next year, and so far, we have heard almost everything that we need to know about the upcoming flagship devices. It is safe to say that Samsung is taking a more iterative approach rather than going with a full refresh, which is fine since I would take a refinement over an overhaul that may or may not work.

Are you okay with having 8 gigs of RAM in 2023, or should OEMs focus more on how much RAM a phone should have? Let us know your opinions below.

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