Galaxy S22 Will Not Have an Olympus Branded Camera After All

Furqan Shahid
Galaxy S22 Will Not Have an Olympus Branded Camera After All

There have been many rumors surrounding the Galaxy S22 series, and one of those talked about how Samsung might partner with camera maker Olympus and introduce the cameras in the upcoming flagships. This was one of the crazier claims because it was the first time Samsung was on the path to do something like that. Samsung, much like Apple, prefers keeping their phones singular in terms of branding and collaborations.

Your Galaxy S22 Might Use a Non-Branded Samsung Camera Rather Than a Camera from Olympus

Thankfully, Olympus has stepped forward and has reportedly made it clear in a statement to Android Authority that there will not be any collaboration. This is what Olympus' marketing representative had to say.

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The only official statement I can give you from our side regarding this is that from our point of view there is nothing to talk about or to announce.

The statement, however, is ambiguous at best as it does not outright deny the partnership, either. Whatever the case might be, if the statement is correct, it would not surprise anyone, especially Samsung users. Again, this type of collaboration is not something Samsung would be up for.

We have seen several collaborations from the past, like OnePlus collaborating with Hasselblad, Huawei doing it with Leica, and Nokia did it with Zeis. However, Apple and Samsung are two brands that have kept things in-house for the most part. So, it is something surprising.

Are you surprised that there is no collaboration between Olympus and Samsung for the Galaxy S22 series, or do you want this to happen? Let us know in the comments below.

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