Galaxy S20 Ultra Unlocked Gets Restocked on Amazon and Comes With a $200 Discount for the Base Model

Galaxy S20 Ultra Unlocked Gets Restocked on Amazon and Comes With a $200 Discount for the Base Model

If you missed the earlier discount where the Galaxy S20 Ultra went on sale on Amazon after months and months of waiting, but you missed the deal, here’s another offer for you if you want a massive Android flagship as your daily driver. You can pick up the Galaxy S20 Ultra for $200 off, meaning you can pick it up for $1,199 for the 128GB storage version. With the discount in place, live, and the premium smartphone just waiting to be picked up, we provide some pointers as to why this handset deserves your attention.

Firstly, it sports a massive 6.9-inch display. That’s practically going into tablet territory, and with that screen size, you have ample real estate to play games, consume content, and with that 120Hz refresh rate, it’s going to be a buttery smooth experience for the user. You can also switch between the 120Hz and 60Hz refresh rates if you want to conserve battery life.

You won’t be limited to performance either, as the flagship is powered by a Snapdragon 865 and is paired with 12GB LPDDR5 RAM plus 128GB of UFS 3.0 storage. This model is also unlocked, so you’ll be able to run it on any major U.S. carrier without experiencing network issues. In addition, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is also 5G compatible with sub-6GHz and mmWave networks, so you’ll experience blazing-fast connectivity speeds when browsing, streaming, or downloading.

Then, you have that capable camera, which provides a combination of ultrawide, telephoto, and regular cameras to provide an extreme level of versatility. The Galaxy S20 Ultra can also record 8K video at 24FPS, while the front side houses a 40MP sensor. Also, you won’t have to worry about battery life even with the 120Hz refresh rate and 5G modem active because that 5000mAh cell will be more than sufficient to last you the entire day. Also, the discount is available for two paint jobs; Cosmic Gray, and Cosmic Black, but the discount isn’t available for the 512GB model, sadly.

Then again, it’s not every day that you’re getting a discount of this size, and keep in mind that the Galaxy S20 Ultra launched in February of this year and this quickly, it went on sale.

Get the Galaxy S20 Ultra 128GB storage version for $1,199.99

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