Galaxy S10 Plus to Be Armed With a Dual Selfie-Camera – Could Come With a Total of 5 Lenses

Galaxy S10 Plus to Be Armed With a Dual Selfie-Camera - Could Come With a Total of 5 Lenses

The first phone that Samsung is likely to announce next year is the Galaxy S10. However, the company is also expected a larger variant called the Galaxy S10 Plus and it will have exclusive features in the optics department. Rumor has it that the upcoming will feature a dual-selfie shooter but that’s not all that Samsung is expected to incorporate the phone with.

Galaxy S10 Plus Reportedly Going to Be the First Samsung Flagship to Sport an Ultra-Wide Angle Camera

The Galaxy S10 Plus, which is codenamed Beyond 2, will be the first Galaxy S series phone with two cameras at the front and three on the back, similar to the triple-camera sensor package seen on the P20 Pro. In contrast, the Galaxy S9 Plus will look pale in comparison, shipping with just three cameras in total, two on the back and one in the front.

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In addition to the dual camera system seen on the back of Galaxy S9 Plus, an additional ultra-wide-angle camera will be added to the Galaxy S10 Plus. The previous dual-camera consisted of a 12MP wide-angle camera and a 12MP telephoto camera. The third shooter on the Galaxy S10 Plus will be a 16MP ultra-wide-angle camera, while the remaining two will both feature a maximum image resolution of 12MP.

This is the first time that an ultra-wide-angle camera is being added to a Galaxy S model. It will be suitable for taking pictures of natural landscapes and large buildings as it can capture a wider background and it will reportedly have an angle of 120 degrees.

The front dual-camera of the Galaxy S10 Plus will be great for high-quality selfies. The Galaxy A8 was the first Samsung model to sport the front dual-camera system, while the Galaxy S10 Plus will be the first Galaxy S model to get the same treatment. The front cameras of the A8 are 16MP and 8MP and are present provide Bokeh effects, and we believe that the Galaxy S10 Plus’ dual-camera system will be doing the same thing, albeit with better image quality.

The other variants of Galaxy S10, codenamed Beyond 1 and Beyond 0, are expected to lower in the camera specs department. The Beyond 1 will have just one camera at the front and three at the back and the more affordable Beyond 0 will also have one camera on the front, and a dual-camera system at the back. SEMCO is expected to supply rear camera modules for Beyond 1 and Beyond 2 while MCNEX, Partron, Cameras and Power Logics will reportedly provide the front modules and ultra-wide-angle shooters.

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News Source: The Bell

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