Galaxy S & Galaxy Note Series Once Again Reportedly Merging; Next Year Could See a Different Flagship Line

Galaxy S & Galaxy Note Series Once More Reportedly Merging

Samsung has made it a habit of releasing two flagship series a year. The Galaxy S lineup phones are usually released during the first half of the year, while the Galaxy Note is reserved for the second half. However, if a new rumor is to go by, the South Korean giant is planning to merge the two series in the future, so what could that mean for the future of both lineups.

Samsung Could Launch a Brand New Galaxy One Brand That Will Take All the Attractive Features of Both Series and Combine the Two

According to tipster Evan Blass, Samsung is discussing the possibility of unifying the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. Apparently, the report comes from a solid source and there is also a chance that these changes will materialize next year. This news is hardly surprising, as earlier this year Samsung itself had hinted that the Galaxy S branding might be retired soon. Moreover, the South Korean giant had also talked about merging the two brands.

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It sounds like a practical move as the differences between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series continue to narrow down each year. In fact, the Note phones are essentially a bigger version of the S series handsets now with the S Pen stylus in tow. Once the two lines are merged, they will reportedly be collectively called Galaxy One. This means that we will probably not see the Galaxy S11 next year and its place we might get the first Galaxy One device armed with an S Pen.

As for the second half of the year, Samsung will apparently launch the Galaxy Fold successor. In recent times, a lot of patents have been spotted that show that the South Korean chaebol has many foldable handset designs in mind. Apparently, the second generation Galaxy Fold will fold vertically and it will have a Razr inspired design. From then on, if the market response is positive, the company might launch more foldable phones every year and depending on their affordability, Samsung could be raking in tremendous amounts of revenue thanks to this new form factor.

Of course, everything also hinges largely on the functionality of the foldable phones. Other than that, the price can also be a deterrent as the Galaxy Fold costs around $2,000 and unless consumers feel that the price is justified, demand might continue to remain low. We will find out more about the market response once the Galaxy Fold is finally released and if Samsung truly plans on merging the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note line of smartphones in 2020.

News Source: Twitter (Evan Blass)

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