Galaxy Note 9 Passes the FCC Approval Stage – Its S-Pen Said to Receive the Biggest Upgrades Ever


The US Federal Communications Commission gave a go-ahead to a new Samsung smartphone. The model that was certified features the designation number SM-N960F, and as far as we can tell, this could be the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 as the model number is similar to the model numbers of the previous generations devices.

FCC Also Mentions a Stylus, Which Is Undoubtedly Exclusive to Only the Galaxy Note 9

For example, the Galaxy Note 8 was known as the SM-N950. The FCC document also mentions a stylus, which increases the likelihood of it being the Galaxy Note 9.

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However, the FCC document doesn’t mention a lot of the features of the upcoming phone apart from the things that were expected to be there anyway, such as NFC, Wi-Fi, and several LTE bands. The SM-N960F is apparently the international version of the Galaxy Note 9 because the SM-N950F is the international variant of the Galaxy Note 8.

Recent benchmark tests have signaled that the model number of the U.S. version of the Galaxy Note 9 is SM-N960U. This version wasn’t spotted at the FCC, but it will probably be approved soon as Samsung needs an approval from the FCC to be able to sell the phone in North America. Although FCC has publicly announced the approval of the SM-N960F today, it received the phone in April. This means the phone was finalized two months ago and the renders leaked recently might resemble the actual phone.

The FCC has also mentioned an SM-N960X and an SM-N960F/DS, which could be the dual-SIM variant of the Galaxy Note 9. The SM-N960X is probably the Asian variant of the Galaxy Note 9, as the Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950X is only available in Asia.

The Galaxy Note 9 will probably be announced in August and the FCC approval shows that the company is a step further to the unveiling. Even though the upcoming flagship will be a lot like the Note 8, there will be many improvements such as a bigger battery, better processors, a better S-Pen experience, and better cameras.

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News Source: FCC