Galaxy Note 8 Has a Release Date Tipped for August 24, According to Best Buy Employee

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Galaxy Note 8

Samsung does not want to waste any more time than necessary in getting the Galaxy Note 8 sales cogs running in order to get a competitive edge over the iPhone 8. According to a Best Buy employee and other sources close to this information, the Note 8 is going to be unveiled on August 24, making it available for potentially millions of customers after just a single day of the flagship being unveiled.

Information of Galaxy Note 8 ‘Next Day’ Launch Has Also Been ‘Confirmed’ Through Verizon and Samsung Channels

On a Reddit thread, the following information has been provided related to the Galaxy Note 8 launch date, revealing that several sources have confirmed this information.

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Note 8 will be launching August 24th, a next day launch after the press conference.

Source: Best Buy Mobile Employee, confirmed through both Verizon and Samsung channels.

There is a possibility that this little bit of info is false, but looking at the circumstances, we feel that Samsung would be working diligently to make sure that the tech giant gets a major head start against the iPhone 8. Not just Apple, but Samsung is also going to be squaring off against LG’s V30 and the upcoming Pixel 2 family, so there is lots of competition awaiting the Korean manufacturer.

With the battery problems no longer a pressing concern for Samsung, it looks like the near-bezel-less Galaxy Note 8 is not going to suffer the same issues that the Galaxy Note7 shipments were afflicted with, causing a tremendous loss for Samsung as a result.

Despite that setback, the company has made a winning move with the launch of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ and it intends to maintain that winning streak with the launch of the Galaxy Note 8. With Apple expected to hold a keynote for its iPhone 8 next month, Samsung will have a huge time frame to get the marketing campaigns rolling, coupled with attractive deals for millions of consumers.

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News Source: Reddit

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