More Water This Time? Upcoming Samsung And LG Flagships To Sport Iris Scanners

Ramish Zafar

After fingerprint recognition, looks like we're going to have some new technology for unlocking our smartphones if some rumors hold ground. Fingerprint sensors have managed to significantly change the way we interact with our devices and have also managed to add a couple of new features, the most important of which is mobile payments, aside from security of course. Well, some new fresh out of South Korea now suggests that two of the top mobile flagship brands out there, LG and Samsung are looking to take things a step further when it comes to biometric recognition on mobile devices.


Samsung And LG Reportedly Working On Custom Iris Scanning Technology For Next Flagships

While we've heard word recently about LG's plans for an iris scanner on the LG G5, today we have some more news that Samsung might also be joining the list of manufacturers to equip their devices with an iris scanner. Such rumors aren't a new thing by any means, as we've already seen speculation for years with Android manufacturers looking to add an iris scanning option as well. And given the rate at which fingerprint sensors have started to be adopted on smartphones, such speculation now sounds even the more plausible.

After all, with fingerprint sensors having become a norm in today's flagships, manufacturers must surely be in a rush to upgrade the technology in some manner. And what better way to take biometric verification a step further than iris scanning? While of course nothing's for sure yet, but it doesn't hurt to be optimistic. Or at least that's what folks over at inews would want you to be anyways. So will we be able to unlock our devices in the future by using nothing more than our eyes? Keep your fingers crossed for now. And we'll keep you updated as this develops.


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