Framework Introduces an Upgradable and Repairable Productivity Laptop!

Evan Federowicz

Framework has introduced an upgradable and repairable laptop, and Framework was founded in San Franciso. The Framework Laptop is designed to be both thin and lightweight with a 13.5" screen size, which can be easily repaired and upgraded. This laptop uses a system that can easily change the ports and easily expand the laptop's storage. This laptop features a webcam that can support a 1080p resolution.

The Framework Laptop is designed to be easily repairable and upgradable and has a unique expansion system

The Framework Laptop features a silver color scheme with a thoughtful design, and this design utilizes an aluminum housing that ensures high durability without adding unneeded bulk to the laptop. This laptop features a 13.5" screen size, and this screen features a 2,256 x 1,504 resolution and comes with a 1080p 60 FPS webcam. This webcam is perfect for Zoom calls or various other video meetings, and this webcam comes with hardware privacy switches. This laptop includes a keyboard with a 1.5 mm key travel, which ensures that typists can enjoy using this laptop for hours without straining their wrists or fingers.

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Source: Framework

The Framework Laptop utilizes a high cycle-life 55 Wh battery, allowing the laptop to last for half a day. This laptop uses the 11th generation Intel Core Processor series that can be configured with Wi-Fi 6E. One of the Framework Laptop's main features is how upgradable and repairable the device is stated to be. This laptop is expected to use off-the-shelve computer components, including main boards, CPUs, Socketed storage, and two RAM sticks. This upgradability allows the user to easily change out nearly any internal component to either repair the device or give it an upgrade in speed or storage capacity.

The Framework Laptop uses Framework's unique Expansion Card system, and this laptop features four different expansion bays. These Expansion bays allows users to configure the laptop with different ports, ranging from an additional USB Type-C port, USB Type-A port, additional video outputs, and other configurable expansion cards.

Framework has stated that they look forward to sharing more information regarding exact specifications, pricing, and pre-order timing in Summer 2021.

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