Former Apple Employee From Customer Relations Switches to Android to Be Free of an iPhone Bug

Former Apple Employee From Customer Relations Switches to Android to Be Free of an iPhone Bug

There are a few ways to fix a notable bug on your smartphone. You can either force restart it, or wait for the company to issue an update to get rid of the bug permanently. On this occasion, a former Apple took an extra measure to solve an iPhone bug which was not displaying notifications; that person switched to an Android smartphone.

The Switch Was a Notable Downgrade as the Former Apple Employee Switched a Galaxy SA12

Apple has failed to resolve a common iPhone notification bug, according to a user claiming to have worked at the company. That person states that the issue has been resolved by switching to an Android handset. First reported by ZDNet, an Apple forum member going by the handle ‘StubbornPixie’ says that they have shifted to a Samsung Galaxy A12.

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According to StubbornPixie, iOS 14 has a constant bug where it fails to display notifications. The problem affects users in various ways. Some may get notified on their lock screen displays, while some may get nothing at all. There have been reports saying that Apple has been notified of the problem but has not done anything to resolve it. Many people have provided different solutions about it, but there has not been an official fix on the cards. StubbornPixie has informed the forum members that the solution was switching to a Galaxy A12.

“Just wanted to let everyone know that I finally I fixed my issue after 6 months of this nonsense. I bought a Samsung Galaxy A12 for $180. And I haven't missed a notification since. Is it the best phone ever? Nah. Is it functional? Yeah. Have I died from using it? Nah. Good enough. I worked for Apple for 10 years in Customer Relations out of Austin, TX, This is embarrassing and I just had to buy a Samsung.”

According to reports, Apple has not acknowledged the bug let alone resolving it. Fortunately, some users have succeeded in fixing it through a standard method that involves updating their phone to the latest version of iOS 14, restarting it, and then using it. Are you experiencing the same problem? Share your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: Apple Forums

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