Fontcase app makes it easy to download and install fonts on iPhone and iPad


Fontcase is a free new app that allows users to download and install fonts on iPhone and iPad. The app allows importing fonts from iCloud Drive or Dropbox, and then install them using a custom profile.

Using a custom profile to install fonts is a risky endeavor. A configuration profile can allow complete control of a user's device to a developer with malicious intent. There are many apps in the App Store that help in installing fonts, but they are riddled with ads, ask for in-app purchases, or just seem suspicious enough to not be trusted. But this is where Fontcase shines - it's free, open source, and does not contain any ads.

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Apple had introduced the capability for users to install and use custom fonts in iOS 13, but did not allow any easy way to install them for the end-user. Third-party apps like Adobe provide 1,300 free fonts to add to iPhone and iPad, but for other fonts, the solution is not straightforward. Fontcase makes it easy by providing support to install fonts from either iCloud Drive or Dropbox. It also supports previewing fonts, and displaying their metadata, before installing them. The app does all this while guiding the user through the process, providing helpful documentation, and straightforward interface.

Here are the release notes for Fontcase version 2.0:

• xFonts is now Fontcase - new branding to avoid confusion with another font app

• Now supports installing fonts from iCloud Drive and other Files storage locations like Dropbox

• An imported font can be previewed with its metadata

• Extensive help explaining the font installation process

• Support for Light and Dark Mode in iOS

• Adaptive layout that works well on all devices including iPad Pros to iPhone SE

If you use apps like Microsoft Office, or designing apps like Affinity or Pixelmator on your iPad, this app is a must have to manage and install fonts. Until Apple provides a better built-in solution for font management, Fontcase is the way to go.

Download Fontcase from App Store