Focos Live App for iPhone Updated with New Effects and Newly Designed Selection Interface


Focos Live has been around for quite a while now and today the app has received a giant update which many iPhone users are going to love.

Brand New Focos Live Update Adds New Effects, Transitions and a New Video Selector Interface

For the uninitiated, Focos Live lets you shoot 'portrait mode' video with blurred background on iPhone. Obviously, you need to have an iPhone with multiple camera lenses on the back for maximum effect, with the iPhone 12 Pro being the best phone that can take advantage of this app.

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Today, Focos Live has been updated on the App Store with two new key features: brand new video effects and new video selection tool.

With the newly designed media selection interface, it is easier for you to choose videos & images by filtering them under the conditions of aspect ratio, resolution, duration & creation date. You can also mark the videos & images with color tags, then filter them with colors. I tried to make this solution because one of our user’s mentioned that video management is most needed for optimization in the video editor.
- A new effect tool allows you to add cool effect onto the video layers to make your project cooler than before.
- Also added some transitions which you can find by tapping the arrow icon between the two video layers.

If you already have the app installed on your iPhone, then you can download the latest update for free.

Download Focos Live for iPhone [App Store link]