Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum Is Up For An Amazing 69% Discount Offer This Week – Avail It Now


Robot vacuums have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. You should also invest in one that isn’t noisy and does the job properly. Wccftech is offering a discount on one such device right here. Get the Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum at an amazing 69% discount offer this week. This amazing device will clean your rooms and save energy at the same time.

Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum Features

It has an ultra-thin body and it is great for cleaning under the bed and under the sofa. It has low noise functions and you will not be disturbed in the midst of work. Here are highlights of what the Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum has in store for you:

  •  1,600Pa Suction. Cleans dust, dirt & other elements
  •  Large Dust Bin. Store more dust, less empty frequency
  •  Multifunctional. Provides different types of cleaning modes
  •  Auto Recharge: Automatically recharges the cleaner when the battery reaches 20%
  •  Double-Layer Turbo Fan. Provide twice the amount of suction
  •  Voice Spiral Air Dust. Creates faster cyclones
  •  Smart Appointment Function. Specify the time when the machine starts working
  •  Intelligent Anti-Collision. Prevents colliding with furniture when cleaning
  •  Intelligent Anti-Drop. Automatically retreats when hitting a drop of 8cm


  •  Color: black
  •  Materials: ABS plastic
  •  Dimensions: 7.87" x 7.87" x 2.44"
  •  Battery: 3.7V/2,000mAh
  •  Working time: about 90 to 120 minutes
  •  Charging time: 240 to 300 minutes
  •  Service life: 2 years
  •  Cleaning: around 90-120m㎡
  •  Suction: 1,600Pa
  •  Working voltage: 3.7V
  •  Rated power: 6W
  •  Dust box: about 400ml
  •  Cleaning modes
    o Auto-clean
    o Spot clean
    o Edge clean
    o Schedule clean
    o Auto recharge
    o Anti-drop
    o Point clean
  •  Cleaning types
    o Vacuum
    o Sweep
    o Mop
  •  Ultra-thin body
  •  Ultra-low noise
  •  Energy-saving & environmental protection
  •  Remote control operation ,li>One-button operation
  •  Automatic charging
  •  Smart appointment
  •  Intelligent anti-collision
  •  Intelligent anti-drop
  •  Super suction


  •  Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum
  •  Charging Station
  •  Power Cord
  •  Remote Control
  •  Manual

Original Price Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum: $129
Wccftech Discount Price Robot Vacuum: $39.95