Just When You Think You Have Seen It All… ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 Plus Comes with Astrophotography Camera and Air Freshener (£699 Only!)

Abdullah Saad
ecovacs deebot smart vacuum cleaner
The recently-launched ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 Plus Auto Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ECOVACS may sound like a newer name in the home cleaning industry of the United Kingdom, but over 22 million homes worldwide are currently using its variety of products. ECOVACS has recently launched its T10 Plus in the UK, upgrading the cleaning process with its oscillating mopping system and TrueMapping navigation.

The company is now offering an unmissable deal on this just-released ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 Plus, offering it for just £699 instead of its retail value of £899. The discount will be valid between September 26th and October 2nd, so you have plenty of time to do your research, read the reviews, and make an informed purchase to get this wonderful tool in your cleaning arsenal.

ecovacs deebot auto empty

ECOVACS' latest DEEBOT T10 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner brings top-of-the-line TrueMapping 2.0 Mapping and Navigation with Ozmo Pro 3.0 Oscillating mopping system. The company's renowned YIKO AI voice assistance is also featured in this little helper, along with several other high-end specs and useful little features. Some of these include:

  • Advanced AIVI 3.0 AI-based Obstacle Avoidance Technology
  • TrueMapping 2.0 Mapping and Navigation
  • Powerful Cleaning Performance
  • 3000Pa for more powerful suction
  • Enhanced OZMO™ Pro 3.0 Oscillating Mopping System
  • Lightweight and Efficient Empty Station automatically self-empties its dustbin after cleaning, making cleaning truly hands-free
  • 260 minutes runtime on a single charge; after recharge, gets back to cleaning where it left off

With its upgraded AIVI 3.0, T10 Plus uses artificial intelligence and Visual Interpretation Technology to offer a pristine cleaning experience that takes extra special care of your home. How does this actually work? Its advanced AI processor helps T10 Plus to quickly identify and avoid obstacles on the floor, making it much more efficient and quick at cleaning when compared with competing products. Add in the Starlight 960P astrophotography camera, and DEEBOT T10 Plus becomes a pro at avoiding objects, saving you from having to tidy up before every clean! If the mention of a  camera onboard is making you feel icky, the ECOVACS team has managed to receive TÜV Rheinland privacy and security certification for both hardware and software. Additionally, the T10 Plus will notify you whenever the camera is on.

This camera, however, isn't just for cleaning purposes. It also helps you keep an eye on your home when away. Have peace of mind, view your home in real-time, and even watch your pets whenever you feel anxious.

ecovacs deebot auto empty

While suction power, a very strong obstacle avoidance system, and a deep cleaning mopping system have become basic asks for a robot vacuum cleaner, there are still some features that may not be required but make things that much more fun and efficient. The ECOVACS DEEBOT T10 Plus comes with a lightweight and efficient auto empty station that automatically self-empties its dustbin after cleaning. The added hypoallergenic dust bag auto-seals, ensuring no dust particles escape into the air keeping everything and everyone clean and mess-free!

Coming to the design of DEEBOT T10 Plus, ECOVACS has managed to create a signature aesthetic style in its products, making their recognition almost instant. Most devices with auto empty function can look bulky and ugly. But the design in this case is not only functional but almost manages to add to the aesthetic of any modern home.

Talking of features that may not be mandatory but are nice to have and show the engineering team's understanding and devotion to making automated cleaning fun, DEEBOT T10 Plus also comes equipped with a built-in air freshener! Run T10 Plus in your home and experience a fresh looking and smelling home.

Head over to Amazon to get yourself this perfect cleaning partner; don't forget the discount will be valid only between September 26 and October 2.

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