Fix Can’t Connect To App Store Error On iPhone iPad And iPod Quickly And Easily

Apple's devices are generally less prone to errors when compared to their competitors. Unless you decide to heavily modify your iOS device through jailbreaking or such, except for a few software malfunctions, your experience with an iOS device will generally be very smooth and error free. But that doesn't mean that iOS devices are immune to errors or problems completely.

A while back many users began to report Wi-Fi connectivity problems after the iOS update, and now it seems a new error has popped up, which disables your device from connecting to Apple's App Store. Fortunately, there's a quick and easy fix for this. So if you're experiencing the 'Can't connect to App Store' error on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, follow our instructions below, and pretty soon you will be in the clear.

IMG_00291) Settings.

Head over to Settings and scroll below to find the iTunes & AppStore menu. Tap on it to open up settings related to your Apple ID account on the App Store and data usage options.

IMG_00302) Apple ID.

In the iTunes & App Store menu you'll see the Apple ID that you use to make App Store purchases visible on the top. All you have to do is tap on the Apple ID and sign out of your account on App Store. A sub-menu as shown in the screenshot below will pop up once you tap on your Apple ID.

IMG_0031Sign Out.

Once the sub-menu pops up, you have to sign out and then sign in again into App Store with your Apple ID. Once you tap on the Sign Out option shown above, your Apple ID will appear with a blank password space below it in the iTunes & App Store menu, as shown below.

IMG_0032Sign in again to your Apple ID and open up App Store again. All your 'can't connect to App Store' errors should be solved now. Give it a shot and let us know in the comments section on how it went.

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