First OLED iPad May Land in 2024, if Apple Places a Large Display Order With Samsung

Omar Sohail
First OLED iPad May Land in 2024, if Apple Places a Large Order With Samsung

An Apple iPad with an OLED panel could still be on the cards, provided some conditions are met, according to the latest report. Samsung is rumored to be developing a facility with cutting-edge technology required to mass produce a high-quality display that Apple requires, but it will only agree to partner with the California-based giant if it is given a large enough order.

Apple, Samsung Were Earlier Reported to Be Working to Mass Produce an OLED Panel With a 10.86-inch Screen, but the Plan Was Scrapped

We previously talked about Apple wanting a double-stack OLED panel structure for its iPad range. Compared to a single-stack display, this one increases brightness by two-fold and prolongs the panel’s lifespan by four times. Unfortunately, Samsung had not started development work on this technology due to the lack of profitability and it was not going to take a few orders for a one-time deal from Apple.

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Since iPads are kept longer than iPhones, it would take a while before Apple would place another order with Samsung, so the previous report claims that the two entities had a falling-out. Fortunately, The Elec now reports that Apple and Samsung are letting bygones be bygones, with Samsung supposedly agreeing to develop this display, just as long as Apple is willing to place a sufficient order with the manufacturer.

If both companies agree, Samsung will be able to finalize its spending plans during the second quarter of 2022 and order the necessary equipment during the third quarter. This equipment is expected to get delivered in 2023, and according to the timeline at hand, Samsung could provide Apple with the advanced OLED panels to be used in an iPad range for 2024.

The report also states that Samsung is working on expanding its Gen 8.5 IT OLED panels so it can provide those advanced displays at the price that Apple wants them at. Unfortunately, it will need Apple’s approval as well as new machinery to commence mass production. The Korean giant’s Gen 5.5 and Gen 6 can also make those panels, but they are too pricey, and the quote will not sit too well with Apple.

Assuming Apple and Samsung cannot agree this time, the former can always rely on Chinese display maker BOE, who was previously reported to upgrade its manufacturing facility to start mass producing OLED panels up to 15 inches.

News Source: The Elec

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