Final Fantasy XV Real-Time Tech Showcased At SIGGRAPH 2016; Square Enix To Talk About VFX & More


During this year’s SIGGRAPH event, Square Enix will be showcasing several real-time technologies used in the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. The publisher will also be organising several talks about visual effects, and rendering techniques used in the game.

The SIGGRAPH event is an annual event on computer graphics, and is widely considered the most renowned conference for the publication of computer graphics research. Publisher Square Enix will also be present at the event, and will be showing off their highly anticipated RPG.

Square Enix currently has several sessions planned, including a presentation about real time technologies used in Final Fantasy XV, including the game’s dynamic weather systems and lighting.

Real-Time Technologies of FINAL FANTASY XV Battles

This presentation showcases several realtime technologies implemented for FINAL FANTASY XV’s epic battle between heroes and monsters:

  • AI systems that control companions and monsters
  • Dynamic weather systems and lighting
  • Visual effects for magic that affects the environment

Alongside the above mentioned presentation, Square Enix is also hosting several talks about the game’s rendering techniques, character and environment workflow, and rendering techniques.

  • Visual Effects of Final Fantasy XV ( by Isamu Hasegawa, Ryota Nozoe, Teppei Ono, Masahiko Koyama, and Taku Ishida)
    Concept, Environment, and Implementation
  • Character Workflow of Final Fantasy XV by Kazutaka Kurosaka and Eitaro Iwabuchi.
  • Environment Workflow of Final Fantasy XV by Hiromitsu Sasaki, Norihito Ueno and several others.
  • Final Fantasy XV: Pulse and Traction of Characters by Noriyuki Imamura, Youji Shirakami and others.

Last but not least, Eidos-Montréal’s director of Labs R&D, Jean-Normand Bucci, will be talking about the game’s rendering techniques.

Rendering Techniques of Final Fantasy XV

Jean-Normand Bucci
SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD., IO-Interactive, Eidos Montréal

Judging from the scheduled presentations, talks, and courses, this year’s SIGGRAPH is going to be really interesting indeed.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled for a release on PS4 and Xbox One this September.