Final Fantasy VII Switch & Xbox Announced Alongside FFIX, FFX, FFXV Pocket Edition and Others; FFVIII Absent

final fantasy vii switch xbox ix

Nintendo and Square Enix have announced Final Fantasy VII Switch alongside various other Final Fantasy games, including Final Fantasy FFIX, FFX/X2 and FF V.

In addition, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD is also making its way on Nintendo’s hybrid platform – a think we already wrote about earlier this month. Publisher Square Enix and Nintendo announced the news through Twitter.

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Final Fantasy VII is Out Now for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Releasing on the Switch are World of Final Fantasy Maxima, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X/X2 Remastered, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD, and Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon.

Interesting to note is that Final Fantasy XVIII is missing from this list, and why wonder why
Square Enix has decided to skip this Switch port.

In a press release, Square Enix noted that FFVII, IX, X/X-2, XII, XV Pocket Edition and World of Final Fantasy will also release on the Xbox One. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD, Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon, World of Final Fantasy , and Crystal Chronicles will also release on the PS4.

World of Final Fantasy will also make its way to PC.

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