Final Fantasy VII Remake New Mods Allow to Level Up Past Lv.50, Use Yuffie and Sonon in Main Game VR Battles and More

Francesco De Meo
Final Fantasy VII Remake

New Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay mods that have been shared online in the past few days spice up the experience considerably with new features.

The first new mod is the Lv.99 mod, which removes the Lv.50 cap of the game allowing players to level up their characters to Lv.99, with proper stat growths.

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A mod that allows you to level up past Lv50, up to 99! (And also break parameter limits)
Will probably make things too easy.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Lv.99 mod works quite well with the new HardMod, which increases the game's difficulty in both normal and hard mode while making some changes to the Materia system.

HardMod makes every difficulty harder.

All enemies have more Health
Player controlled party members have reduced stat growth
Magic materia (Green) reduces ATK, DEF, and MDEF, but improves MATK
Command materia (Yellow) improves SPR
Independent materia (Purple) improves DEF
All weapons and armor have 1 extra materia slot

This works with any difficulty and on existing or new save games

The last new Final Fantasy VII Remake mod is actually a modded save file that lets users play the base game VR battles with Yuffie and Sonon. Both characters' equipment and Materia can be fully changed, giving players to take on some of the game's strongest bosses with the two INTERmission exclusive characters.

This SaveFile gives full access to Yuffie&Sonon for VR fights from the basegame. You can edit Equipment, Materia, Shortcuts, etc

How to Use

The file is named "ff7remakeplus025.sav" (DLC savefiles are called "plus"), but it was originally a file from the maingame ("ff7remake025.sav") - just renamed. To use this savefile, you simply load it from the Intermission menu, which will load into Ch17 of the maingame with Cloud, Yuffie and Sonon as partymembers, and you can edit Yuffies and Sonons loadouts and enter VR battles with them. Choosing a party will add Yuffie twice upon selecting, but it will work as intended. 3-Person battles will be playable with 2.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 worldwide.

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