Final Fantasy VII Remake New 4K Video Shows E3 2019 Demo


Following the release of the latest trailer, new Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay footage emerged online in glorious 4K resolution.

The new direct capture footage, which has been shared by PlayStation Access, showcases the game's E3 2019 demo which featured the majority of the bombing mission, the very first few minutes of the game. The new footage also shows the battle against the Scorpion Sentinel, which has been expanded a lot over the original.

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As already mentioned, a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer has been released yesterday in time for the Tokyo Game Show 2019. The trailer featured the Turks as well as President Shinra, some new sequences with Aerith and Tifa and new gameplay. Mini-games, which are one of the staples of the original, will also come back in the Remake, as seen in the trailer.

At E3 2019, we had the chance to try out the demo showcased in today's video, and we have been quite impressed by it.

The E3 2019 demo was short, but it made one thing clear: Square Enix is not pulling any punches with the Final Fantasy VII Remake, giving it their all to make the game the remake the original deserved. Everything works extremely well, from exploration to battle, so what remains to be seen is how the Midgar arc has been expanded for this episode. I was very skeptic before trying the demo, but now I am sure the FFVII Remake will be among the best Final Fantasy games ever released, and a far cry from Final Fantasy XV, which I did like but always felt it could have been so much more.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will release on March 3rd, 2020 worldwide on PlayStation 4.