Final Fantasy IX Moguri Mod 8.0.1 Further Improves Visuals And Lighting And More

Final Fantasy IX

A new version of the Final Fantasy IX excellent Moguri mod has been released online, introducing a lot of visuals improvements and more.

The 8.0.1 version packs a lot of visuals improvements for all backgrounds, as well as lighting improvements and fixes for all visual glitches.

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    • Fixed : almost all visual glitches
    • Redrawing of all layer edges (all 11000+)
    • Cleaner / sharper graphics (all 6000+)
    • Better & cleaner lighting (all 1400+)
    • Countless manual image doctoring
    • Manually redrawn some parts (some partially based on portfolio images by Wesley Cann & Behrooz Roozbeh)
    • Background animations better integrated
    • Several bugs from the Steam & PSX versions fixed
    • Recreated all places names with original fonts (for English and French, rest to follow)
    • Seamless scrolling skies & backgrounds, removed 'staircase' edges
    • Recreated baked in textures NPCs

The Final Fantasy IX Moguri mod 8.0.1 also improves FMVs, the world map, with the addition of HD textures and items, and battles, with seamless skies and HD monsters.


    • Contextual videos: color correction and smoother transitions
    • Part of the FMV in 30fps (TBC) (credit: Lykon)

Background objects

    • HD background 3D objects
    • HD NPC (with exceptions)


    • HD worldmap textures (upscaled and manually redone, mostly seamless and faithful)
    • Subtly moving sea
    • HD worlmap items (ships...) textures


    • HD monsters (with exceptions)
    • HD battlefields with redrawn edges (exceptions for animated textures)
    • Seamless skies
    • Fixed missing monster death sounds (credit: Tirlititi)

The full Final Fantasy IX Moguri Mod 8.0.1 changelog can be found on the mod's official website.

Final Fantasy IX is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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