Fight Space Laser Sharks in ‘Edge of Space’ a 2D Sandbox Survival Set to Release September 17th With Space Laser Sharks

The newest trailer for a hilarious 2D sandbox survival game has just been released. It shows off some of the great improvements made to gameplay as a result of listening to fans during the Early Access.

Edge of Space is edging closer to release, and has plenty of improvements just in time for the full release.

In Edge of Space you begin life as a survivor of a crashed cryo-pod. With only a laser mining pick and a few bits of mining gear, you have to collect resources and survive against insurmountable odds. The enemies you'll be going up against are far more brutal than you might think exist in real life. Plasma Polar Bears, Jetpack equipped Space Penguins and even Sharks with Lasers equipped will try to stop you from finding your full potential.

“The development of Edge of Space has been an arduous and incredible creative journey. This is a major milestone goal for us, but the journey doesn’t end here.  As we’ve demonstrated in our Early Access development, we will continue to deliver consistent content updates to include new missions, weapons, monsters, events, and much more. We’re very happy with the game we’re delivering and we look forward to players suiting up and exploring the world.”

Edge of Space is available right now for $12.99, a discount from the regular $14.99 for those willing to participate in Early Access.


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