More Features Of Google’s Android Wear Detailed Through Developer Oriented Video

Google has released a new video which sheds light on a couple of more features of its upcoming Android wear. The Android wear is expected to be launched at the company upcoming I/O conference later this month. This video helps us better understand what Android wear will end up offering the consumer as a finished product and how it should be different than all the Android smartphones out there. Two Android Wear devices have been announced so far. These are LG's G Watch and Motorola's Moto 360.

Timothy Jordan, Google Developer Advocate Addresses Developers In the Video. Several Wear Exclusive Notifications Detailed

The video which is launched by Google is primarily aimed at developers to persuade them to develop applications for the Android Wear. The video emphasizes on a different approach to be taken when developing apps for the Wear as compared to smartphones. It also defines the primary function of the watch as to provide users 'usefull information the moment it is needed, at just a glance'. Notifications from the user's Android phone are to show directly on the watch. The video also details on how the company aims to save user time by decreasing overall time spent interacting with their smartphone.User interaction with the watch through audio commands have also been discussed on the video, with the interaction going on both ways.

Now coming towards notifications in detail. Apart from on-the-go, time specific notifications, several Wear/Watch exclusive notifications have been detailed. These notifications do require special developer attention. First of these is what is called 'Stacks' by Jordan. These are bundled form of notifications resembling emails. The primary function of these type pof notifications is to reduce clutter on the tiny screen of the wearable. A second feature is Pages. The purpose of this feature is to provide the user with more than one page of information in a more easily accessible manner. A third feature is Replies, which as the name suggests, allows for a verbal response to a notification. The response might simply be an acknowledgement or a command for further action. There's still no official word on the release date or the pricing of any devices. All we can do is to keep our ears open at Google's upcoming developer conference.


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