Get A Fast Browsing Experience With HideMyAss VPN – The Deal Gives You A 2 Year Subscription

Zarmeen Shahzad

The deal I am about to tell you about is super amazing and I simply love its name. It’s hilarious. This deal is being offered to customers for a limited time for just $54.99 and you can get it now at this site. The deal is on a two year subscription on the HideMyAss VPN. Most VPN users often complain about how their browsing experience slows down to a crawl. HideMyAss is different from other VPN services in this regard. It takes things to a whole other level. It provides you with an extremely high speed browsing experience and at the same time allow you access to different servers in over 190 countries!

It will allow you to browse like a local of any country while being comfortably seated in your home. It will provide you a secure and private connection and protect you from eluding prying eyes. This product has also been named one of PC Mag’s Best VPN services of 2016.

HideMyAss features

With HideMyAss you will be able to:

  •  Protect your browsing history and private data from hackers and government officials
  •  Use HideMyAss on all of your devices, including internet-enabled TVs and game consoles
  •  Choose a virtual location from over 660+ VPN servers in over 320+ locations in over 190 countries and browse previously blocked content
  •  Access the sites you love without restrictions when away from home
  •  Browse the internet securely on up to two devices at once
  •  Get premium customer support when you want it by internet, chat and phone

Details and Requirements

The VPN offers unlimited bandwidth and you can browse with up to two devices at one time. It is compatible with all kinds of devices including internet-enabled TVs and game consoles. It also offers 660+ VPN servers in 320+ plus locations in 190+ countries. It also provides premium support and is compatible with devices using Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. As already mentioned before, the VPN provides a license of 2 years.

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