Far Cry 5 Running on the Ryzen 5 2400G – Hope County Awaits

Keith May

It's almost time to tear through Hope County in Far Cry 5, the latest in the Far Cry series.  This time around Far Cry is using an 'enhanced' version of Dunia 2 whose base graphics engine has been in use for some time now. That's not always a bad thing as it gives developers time to mature their approach to an engine. But what we're wanting to see today is how well the new Ryzen 5 2400G can handle this massive game.

There are a couple interesting things packed into this game from the perspective of the game engine: RPM and Shader Intrinsics.

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Far Cry 5 uses this technique on a number of shaders. The game’s RPM implementation allows values required by shader instructions to be demoted to 16-bit width, and then packed into 32-bit wide GPRs (General Purpose Registers). Using fewer GPRs means that more graphics threads can run in parallel, increasing GPU efficiency. A version of this implementation is used for water surfaces as well as lighting.

Shader Intrinsics
This allows the game to have access to similar close-to-metal features on the PC, as on the console.

Scalarization – certain lighting passes are offloaded to the scalar pipeline with the help of intrinsic functions.

Data transfer between waves – Instead of using Localized Data Share, intrinsic functions are used to shuffle data around.

ALU operations exposed through intrinsics – instead of emulating specific math operations, intrinsic functions are used.

Now with that all out of the way, does it work? Is so, how well? In the included video, captured using the Elgato HD60S, we go through our usual rundown of testing resolutions, presets, and resolution scaling all in real-time to show how Far Cry 5 runs and looks on the Ryzen 5 2400G.

For our review of the game itself, head over here.

Apollo Ridge

CPURyzen 5 2400G
GPUVEGA 11 at 1600MHz Core Clock
GPU Memory Allocation2GB allocated
Memory 16GB G.Skill Flare X DDR4 3200
CoolerArctic Freezer 33 eSports
MotherboardMSI B350 Tomahawk
StorageOCZ TR150 480GB
Driver17.40.3701 (Raven Ridge Specific)


We've added our RX 480 vs GTX 1060 using official launch drivers.

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