Fan-Created Toy Story Within Halo Infinite Forge is Absolute Passion

toy story halo infinite forge mode

Someone has recreated Andy’s House from Toy Story within Halo Infinite’s Forge mode, and it’s absolutely stunning.

While the Forge mode isn’t officially available within Infinite just yet, some players have managed to access the creation mode. Back in July of this year, a crafty user already recreated the iconic intro hallway from the legendary Silent Hills P.T. teaser, and we now have an amazing Toy Story recreation within Halo Infinite. Created by ‘Red Nomster’, this recreation features various elements from the original Toy Story, including the Pizza Planet Aliens, mister Potato Head, Slinky the dog, Red base, the doll house, wagon toybox, and whatnot.

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It’s truly a stunning 30-minute showcase that shows nothing but passion. Be sure to check it out below:

As said, Halo Infinite’s Forge mode isn’t available just yet. The creation mode is planned for a release this November via a beta. 343 Industries hopes to release the mode in full as part of the Winter update somewhere between November 2022 and March 2023.


Once upon a time, matches on Halo 2’s Colossus would begin with a frenetic rush to collect the various plasma pistols and battle rifles strewn across its lower end, and we would have to impose honor rules.

In those days, the placement of weapons, objectives, spawns, and other details of Halo’s multiplayer spaces were largely fixed—rooted in place, until they were picked up and spent, after which an invisible countdown would bring them back to be fought over once again.

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But then, Halo 3 brought with it an exciting new feature. Forge began as an object layout editor, enabling players to rework weapons, vehicles, scenery, and spawns—and you could invite your friends to hop in and test out these changes live, or spend an hour trying to drop tanks on each other.

As with all creative tools, when put in the hands of the community, impossible things happened. You built Scarabs and Pelicans out of crates and scenery items. You used teleporter nodes to keep objects floating in the air. You discovered techniques that allowed blocks to intersect with each other and the environment, creating all-new maps on empty canvases.

From that point, Forge ceased to be a simple layout editor. It became a map maker, and a community of creative cartographers arose from its foundations.

Since then, Forge has been continually upgraded in successive Halo titles with new tools and capabilities to give Forgers more agency and options in what they seek to create. More objects, bigger budgets, new terrain pieces, color editing, magnets, baked lighting, scripting... Forge is your playground, and in Halo Infinite we’re giving you more toys to play with than ever before.

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