Fallout 4 Enclave Armor Mod Adds Enclave Remnants Power Armor in Fallout 3 Style

Jul 19, 2019 06:30 EDT

Modder KalibKadafi has released his Fallout 4 Enclave Armor Mod which adds the Enclave Remnants Power Armor to the game.

This freshly-released mod adds the Enclave Armor Suit to Fallout 4 in Fallout 3 style. The mod includes the body and helmet armor and comes with 1 unisex model.

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According to KalibKadafi, the mod files contain 1K textures but 4K textures are available as an optional download as well.

Fallout 4 Enclave Armor Mod main features

3 Different Paint Job's
1. Black Version
2. Bare Metal Version
3. Camo Version

Decal Swaps..
1. Enclave symbol yellow
2. Enclave symbol white
3. D.O.D Logo white
4. D.O.D Logo yellow

Paintjobs can be crafted at an armor station.

The mod can be downloaded right here. As expected, this modification is only available for the PC version of Fallout 4 and no additional mods are required.

Fallout 4 is available globally for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.