Facebook Introduces Messenger Platform And Customer Support For Business

The time is near for applications and brands to invade Facebook because in its recent f8 developer conference, new platforms have been introduced that will change the way we do things on Facebook. There are two platforms introduced, the Messenger Platform and the Business platform which will allow third party businesses to interact with each other in the most adequate way to suit their needs and preferences. Lets roll down and get in bit of some details.

The platform will allow for third party applications to integrate with the infamous messenger which will not only enhance functionality but bring new experiences. For starters, users will be able to communicate through GIFs, videos and audio which can be downloaded through an extension app to the Facebook Messenger. The chief of Facebook Mark Zukerberg stated that this change will enable people to, "express themselves in rich new ways and make their conversations better."

Facebook Introduces Messenger Platform And Business Messenger

Initially, more then 40 applications will come pre-installed on the Messenger Platform and obviously there will be enumerable new added in the future. Messenger app will be the the best place to download these add on extensions for the Messenger Platform. If for instance, your friend sends you a GIF or a video or anything which you don't have, you will be easily guided to download the add on so you can find the appropriate reply. Here's a link for all the compatible applications  added so far, head on and check them out.


In the Messenger Business category, things are a little serious as they should be. The Messenger Business extension would allow you to handle customer feedback through this app and not emails. Apart from this you will get alerts for all the items that you still have to buy online. For instance, if you buy something online there will be a hefty in depth record of them and receipts will be given for all purchases along with cancel orders, tracks and business conversations over order.

Facebook will launch the Business Messenger with many different partners, however there is no word for when the service will be made available. If you have not downloaded the Facebook messenger just yet, now might be the best time to do. Thats all for now folks! We'll keep you updated if anything new pops in on this. Do leave a comment for what you feel below.

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