Facebook Has Decided to Kill Portal Devices


Facebook has decided to kill off the Alexa-powered Portal devices and while some people might be concerned about that, this should not come as a surprise because these devices are simply not as popular with consumers as compared to what Google and Amazon have to offer.

Facebook Has Decided to Continue Portal Devices for All Consumers

The company has confirmed to Variety that it is killing the consumer versions of Portal and will only be focusing on the business applications. However, the current models are still available for sale until the stocks last. Facebook will also provide "long-term" software support for existing customers.

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A source has talked about how Portal managed to gain traction with business users during the pandemic as the company sold 600,000 POrtal devices in 2020 and 800,000 in 2021, and the largest consumer base was on the business side. However, the devices failed to make a dent in the smart display market, which is already dominated by the likes of Amazon and Google.

For those wondering, Facebook sells a number of versions of Portal. You have the option to get Portal TV, which is a 10-inch Portal smart display, then there is a Portal Go, which has a built-in battery, and the last one is the Portal Plus, a top-tier, 14-inch device.

Aside from killing off Portal, Facebook has also reportedly halted the smartwatch efforts and halted the plans to launch the first AR glasses as well. The latter was supposed to release in 2024 but the company has apparently pushed that back several years.

Are you using a Facebook Portal device? Let us know how your experience has been so far.