Facebook for Android is Soon Getting Dark Mode and Coronavirus Tracker


Facebook for Android is preparing to get a new update that will add a lot of new features and thanks to the source, we have a list of features you are going to get along with some handy screenshots.

Facebook for Android is constantly becoming a very useful app as far as the overall user experience is concerned. Granted, most of us are glued to our phones but that does not mean that the developers are not paying attention to what the users want.

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Facebook for Android Will Soon Have Dark Mode, Coronavirus Tracker and More

Thanks to 9to5Google, we have a look at what Facebook for Android is going to be getting. Starting with obviously the most wanted feature which happens to be the dark mode. This mode is not new to Facebook's app as apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and even Facebook Lite have received the update. Facebook is now going to bring this update to the main app.

The best thing is that the feature will offer you either a manual toggle, or you can allow it to follow Android 10's system-wide dark mode. The source got their hands on the screenshot that you can check below and it does look good.


Additional features that the update will bring include a tracker for the local coronavirus cases. The tracker will be able to show you data spanning multiple weeks. You will also be able to check country-wide cases, in addition to a counter that will show global cases.

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Additionally, Facebook for Android will also get a refreshed user interface for the "Time on Facebook" feature. This is a digital wellbeing sort of feature that basically acts as a tracker as to just how much time you have actively used an app in a week. 

At the moment we are not sure when Facebook is going to start pushing these features on Android. However, we are excited to see the features. Especially the dark mode, as well as coronavirus tracker are much-needed features.