Facebook Will Broadcast Missing Children Alerts To UK Subscribers


To increase awareness of the missing children in the UK, Facebook has partnered with UK charity Missing People and other authorities. The motive behind the operation is to locate the missing souls as soon as possible. The curated posts for potential risk cases will appear on top of the News Feed of users who are found where officials have been searching for the victim. Alerts will be forwarded to people who are annexed in the area to help which will be an important step in the procedure.

The broadcasting has been made possible with the help of Facebook's geo-tagging tools. However, the alerts will only be generated if the National Crime Agency considers life threatening event for the child. The broadcasted posts for the missing children will be displayed at the top of the News Feed of the user and all details will be mentioned with it. Information like the last seen location of the child, a photo, contact information and other descriptive details will be available which will aid in locating the missing child.

Let's see how Facebook's has taken this initiative and what other authorities are involved.

Facebook Leans To Find Missing Children In The UK

Facebook's Child Rescue Alert system will be activated today and the service will provide assistance to innumerable children and their families who are afflicted with ábductive or other potential cases. Facebook's Child Rescue Alert system has been made possible with the collaboration of National Crime Agency, charity Missing People and Groupcall Limited which is basically a communication firm. Jo Youle of Missing People stated,  “Our aim with Child Rescue Alert is to reach as many people as possible in the local area when a child is abducted or disappears with immediate risk to life.''

Facebook further disclosed that if the alert is generated and the user is in the designated area, the alert will be displayed as the second item in the News Feed. Facebook officials also claim that more than half of the UK's population have access to the social networking platform. This means that the target audience is immense in number and locating missing children will be easy with everyone getting a word.

Working under UK's best fault-finding institutions, reuniting the lost with their families will be easier. As the world grows more social and similar steps have been adopted at the time of need, Facebook will be of great help to families all over the UK. This is it for now, folks. What do you guys think about this charity work? Share your thoughts in the comments.