Samsung’s Exynos 8895 Promo Teases Dual Camera ISP; Just In Time For Galaxy S8?

Ramish Zafar
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Of all the Galaxy S8 leaks out there, it's a miracle if something official comes to light. All of the leaks so far are from unofficial sources, even as they paint a similar picture. However, today we've finally got something official for you. 2017, as we all know is the year for mobile hardware. 10nm will finally make it to smartphones with Sony already taking the lead on the Xperia XZ Premium. Today, it's Samsung's turn to provide more details for the Exynos 9 a.k.a the Exynos 8895. Take a look below for more details.

Samsung's Teaser For The Exynos 8895 Hints At A Dual Camera Setup For A Smartphone

A lot of features are rumored for the Galaxy S8. Samsung's flagship smartphone will overhaul nearly every key feature for the lineup. So far, the rumor mill expects display to be the major overhaul on the device. Samsung will use an all new 18:9 aspect ratio for the Galaxy and Galaxy S8+. This will reduce front bezels on the devices to an all time low. Furthermore, it'll also move the rear camera to the back, further simplifying how the front of your smartphone will look like.

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In multimedia however, we won't get a dual camera. The earliest leaks for this year's Korean flagships claimed that Samsung too will make the jump to dual camera. However, as images started to, and continue to leak, these details have been disproved. You'll get a single camera sensor for the Galaxy S8, with a high resolution and other tidbits. Today's teaser from Samsung for its upcoming Exynos 8895 adds a bit of spice to things.

There's no hint that dual camera will make it on the Galaxy S8. After all, while a couple of leaks might be wrong, for all them to advertise falsity is non probable. Or, Samsung might have got its game up this year and have deliberately spread wrong information for the Galaxy S8. We believe that dual cameras will make it on the Galaxy Note 8 or even a mid year version of the Galaxy S8. Samsung hasn't shied away from releasing such devices in order to boost market demand for its devices, which generally start to lose interest after the first few months, post launch.

Other features for the Galaxy S8 include a virtual assistant and desktop connectivity. The device won't be budget friendly either, with sources pegging a price tag north of $800. Samsung's also got the bar set quite high for it this year. The company failed miserably with the Galaxy Note 7 and its de-facto head is all set to appear in court on Thursday. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated.

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