Updated Export Data Confirms Nvidia Maxwell GM204 has 256Bit Bus Width – Where does that leave the GTX 880?


[Editorial] The GTX 880 could possibly have 384 TMUs and a 512 Bit Bus. But wait, it says 256 Bit on the heading? Well yes it does, and in all probability it will feature a 256 Bit bus, meaning the 512 Bit thing is just a rumor. Confused? I guess I better start from the beginning then.

Maxwell GM204 will feature a 256Bit Wide Bus - Updated Shipping Data Confirms

I was looking for more information on the GTX 880 from my ususal sources when I stumbled upon a very interesting forum post. Now the OP of this forum post claimed he had contacted the guys behind the KDramaStars leaks and verified that the GTX 880 will be 512 Bit wide with 384 TMUs. That, would conveniently explain the power jump previously stated from many sources. Ofcourse, without waiting any further, I sent an email to the actual source and am currently awaiting a response (this editorial will be updated as soon as I receive a satisfactory reply).

I also fired up the import schematics of 'Hyderabad Air Cargo' and focused it on the 'GM204' Keyword. This is the same port of discharge where the Maxwell GM204 and the 8GB GDDR5 Memory had been spotted earlier. And to my delight or rather an amused loathing for the Irony Gods, found  an import entry of the same port of discharge, dated 6th June 2014. But the plot twist is, this time, it also contained the bus interface. The GM204 "Computer Graphics Card" was listed with a 256 Bit Interface. Alright, so that more or less confirms it. You heard it here first folks, It looks like there is going to be a high end graphic card from Nvidia, housing the Maxwell GM204 with a 256 Bit bus width. But the golden question is, are we looking at the Maxwell Geforce GTX 880?

GM204 265Bit Shipping DataEverything we know so far, indicates that the GM204 will be the High end die while the GM206 will be the mid end die. So everything does point to this being the Maxwell flagship. But wait, is it 28nm or is it 20nm. Honestly, there is now too much evidence on both sides. On one hand, previous leaks put it on the 28nm fab and then there is the fact that import data existed before TSMC began volume production of 20nm. And we know that 20nm Maxwell begins taping out in June, so the timeline fits like a jigsaw puzzle. On the other hand, we see that the quantity is literally '1', not exactly volume by any means. Ofcourse that quantity could correspond to an entire crate of GPUs for all we know, but the reasoning stands.

Then there is the possibility that we are looking at a cut down version of the GM204 for the lower order of the High End Spectrum, kind of like how the GK104 had a 192 Bit variant (GTX 760 - 192 Bit Edition) as opposed to 256bit. But I'll admit that is a long shot. Ofcourse, there is the possibility that the Maxwell GM204 corresponds to Intermediary 28nm GPUs that Nvidia is preparing to compete with AMD's Tonga offerings. We have now entered the realm of slap-happy, wish-fulfilling speculation, so I think I will leave it here.