Exotic Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood gameplay shows up

One of the better changes which Assassins Creed 2 brought many new changes which were not in Assassins Creed 1, one of the most noticeable changes was the addition of the great renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci who was also an inventor, among some of his invention are the dual hidden blades, a hidden gun and even a portable poison device which let you poison enemies silently.

Leonardo has made a comeback in Brotherhood and this time he has brought with him many great gifts as you can see in the game play video there are several new weapons for us to play with, such as a tank and even a small battle ship which will help you take down ships and even the return of his infamous flying mission which was very helpful in one of the missions of Assassins Creed 2. Leonardo's contributions to the games are always valued and prove to be very useful in areas where you can mix stealth with a little bit of attention. (Smoke bombs with poison blades and guns were always my favorite combos) with the release date of brotherhood drawing closer and closer I can't WAIT to get this thing running on my PS3. Sad news for the PC gamers is that they will have to wait till January for the game and by then all the console fanboys will have ended and even forgotten the games story mode by then.

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