Exclusive: Intel 10th Generation S And H Series Mobility Lineup Launching In Mid-March

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It's a new year and we are getting ready to enter into a new cycle of products from the PC triumvirate. Looks like Intel is planning to launch its 10th generation S and H mobility CPUs to counter Renoir in mid-March. According to my channel check, Renoid, ahem, Renoir is currently expected to launch in the March/April time frame, and is one of the most eagerly anticipated platform launches - and set to take the mobility industry by storm.

Intel launching 10th Generation H series mobility CPUs in mid-March to combat Renoir

While my source did not mention whether these parts were based on 10nm or 14nm, I would assume the former. If Intel's 10th Generation H series mobility lineup follows cues from existing 10th generation mobility parts then it will be based on the Sunny Cove architecture, fabricated on the 10nm process and will essentially be a very strong contender to Renoir. Considering AMD's Renoir is based on the 7nm process and exists in the mobility platform where power efficiency and economies of die-space are key, no 14nm processor from Intel is going to be able to compete with these.

Assuming these are 10nm parts, then things are about to get very heated in mid-March when these launch. Keep in mind when I say launch, I mean the announcement. It is possible that actual availability is delayed by a couple of weeks. Intel's 10th Generation H series processors are going to jump-start the upgrade cycle for the mobility space and should help stabilize the company in terms of process lead and market share.

If however, I am wrong about my assumption of 10nm, and these are actually 14nm parts, then things could get very tricky, very fast. Renoir would easily win over any 14nm parts in terms of performance and availability (Intel's 14nm foundries are absolutely choke-full) and the company would have to cut pricing even further to maintain market share and mind share. It will also need to figure out the messaging properly.

So this is a rather short update but I will add one thing at the end: if these are 10nm parts then the integrated graphics portion of these chips are going to get merit a story of their own. At 10nm and with Gen 12 (Xe-based) graphics, these chips are going to provide some serious competition to NVIDIA's entry-level dGPUs like the MX-seres.

What do you think Intel's 10th Generation mobility lineup is going to be?
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