EVGA SLI Enhancement Patch Allows you to Enable SLI in Crysis 2.

Sure Crysis 1 was a mighty demanding game of its time and was the first which actually required you to use SLI option to optimally play it on decent settings and framerate. Well, Crysis 2 is here and it has also set new definitions in the visual and gaming world though the requirements ain't as high as its predecessor but a recent utility which allows you to adjust the graphics on extreme settings and also force Manual AA can put alot of stress on the game.

But as Crysis 2 hasn't added support for enabling SLI profile, EVGA brings to you their SLI Enhancement Patch which will allow you to Enable your SLI configuration in Crytek's new game. Hence giving you a true edge at an extremely playable frames without sacrificing the outstanding visuals the game has to offer. You can go here to download the Graphics Adjusting Utility while the EVGA SLI enhancement pack can be downloaded directly from EVGA.com here, Make sure to create a profile before logging in to download. Not only the pack enables SLI in Crysis 2 but also in the following games:

Version 38 (03.01.11) - Based on NVIDIA 266.58 Driver

New profiles from EVGA SLI Enhancement Patch:
Enables SLI Support in Crysis 2
Enables SLI Support in Bulletstorm
Enables SLI Support in Dragon Age II Demo


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