EVGA Queue 3.0 rewards loyal, high-spending customers

Jason R. Wilson
EVGA Queue 3.0 rewards loyal, high-spending customers

EVGA is rolling out EVGA Queue 3.0 today, with some added changes from the last Queue system. The newest rollout allows for users to apply for notification when one of the EVGA products they are wanting to purchase is available. During this time, they are given a 24-hour period to make a decision. Previously, the system was determined strictly by the time and date that they originally applied for the notification.

EVGA rolls out a new queue system, catering heavily to customers that have spent the most money to them and their partners, allowing more possibility for abusing the system

EVGA Queue 3.0 system is created for rewarding loyal EVGA customers (i.e. those that buy strictly EVGA products and have spent a large amount of money with the company) while allowing new customers the chance to purchase an EVGA product at a faster rate. The new system determines your position in the queue by first looking at your "EVGA Score," then looking at the time and date that the user applied for notification of availability, and finally whether the consumer has previously purchased a current series GPU from EVGA.com—especially when the queue system is heavily focused on getting GPUs to as many users as possible.

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The following is a short summary of the terms of the new Queue 3.0:
  • All customers must have an EVGA account to sign up for a notification.
  • Customers may have up to 2 VGA notifications at a time.
  • VGA notifications are limited to 1 per GPU chipset.
  • Non-VGA product notifications are not limited by chipset or number.
  • New launches will have 24-hour ELITE exclusivity.
  • Queue order is fluid and will be based on a number of factors, not just the time/date of the notification.
  • EVGA Scores will be updated at the beginning of every month.
  • Customers will receive an email notification when reaching the top of the queue.
  • Customers will have 24 hours to purchase via the direct link in the email.

EVGA assures all users that have a valid account with EVGA will be able to participate in this new system. However, just like the last queue system, there are limitations:

  • Users must sign in to their EVGA Account. If you do not have an EVGA Account, please Sign Up here: https://secure.evga.com/US/login.asp
  • Users must sign up for notifications on their regional EVGA.com Store website (e.g. www.evga.com, eu.evga.com, tw.evga.com).
    • Notifications are only valid for their respective EVGA.com stores.

The program states on their website that "all newly-released, highly anticipated products in 2022 and beyond will use the Queue 3.0 system." However, almost all of the people waiting in EVGA's current queue are waiting on graphics cards more than, say, power supplies or coolers.

  • Queue 3.0 will be used for all graphics card notifications made after the Queue 3.0 launch.
    • Recertified (-RX or -RL) products do not use the EVGA Auto-Notify Queue, and continue to be first-come, first-served.
  • Queue 3.0 will also be used for all new non-graphics card notifications made after the Queue 3.0 launch, but will not have the same Notification or Purchase limitations as graphics card products.

EVGA will not change the consumers that have products in Queue 2.0. Those products will still be processed accordingly on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, if you decide to remove an item or all items from your current notifications, you will be subjected to the new Queue 3.0 process.

The company does recommend—quite highly in fact—to remove any inactive VGA notifications from your personal account before you remove any active notifiers. If you do so, they will be marked as inactive by EVGA and will not be made available again for you.

Running through the process, all EVGA products have their own queue. The initial 24 hours that an item is available is open for those with EVGA ELITE status. After the first day that the product is live on the site, then all other EVGA account holders will be given access to apply for notifications of when it will be available for them.

When it comes to graphic cards, there are some other stipulations that come into play.

  • Due to high demand and limited quantities of graphics cards, graphics card notifications will be limited to two per person.
    • Customers may delete or change their notifications at any time, but their queue positions will reset to the date and time of their new notifications.
  • EVGA members will be limited to one notification per GPU chipset or class.
    • For e.g. You may have a notification for an RTX 3080 model and an RTX 3080 Ti model, but you may not have two notifications for different RTX 3080 models.
  • The Graphics Card notification queue is separate from all other products.

The EVGA Queue process will give higher priority to loyal customers, making more cards available to customers that are hoping to upgrade, yet without closing off the possibility for new customers to obtain a new card.

The order is made up of the following factors:

  1. EVGA Score and Score Tiers – This score signifies the value of your registered EVGA products, EVGA Bucks earned, and Blue Ribbons from participating on the forums.
    • EVGA Score can be seen on the My EVGA page.
    • Customers will be sorted into multiple tiers, based on EVGA Score.
    • EVGA Scores are updated on the first of every month, which may move some members up or down a tier.
  2. Time/Date of your notification – The date of your notification is used as a tie-breaker between customers with the same EVGA Score.
  3. 30 Series purchase status – Customers who have purchased a 30 Series product from EVGA.com will be deprioritized in the VGA queue and will become eligible to purchase their VGA notify product(s) after others in their tier purchase a 30 Series product.
    • Non-VGA notification queues are not affected by this requirement.
  4. EVGA ELITE Status – Some products will be available only to EVGA ELITE members.
    • Becoming an EVGA ELITE Member will give you access to sign up for a notification for the first 24 hours after a product is released, subject to EVGA’s discretion.

Point number three has an interesting addition to it that is not readily seen until you scroll further down. EVGA wants to use the new EVGA Queue 3.0 to celebrate its launch, offering the loyal customers with the 300 highest EVGA Scores and exempting them from being deprioritized by EVGA for what they are calling "select future launches," which starts with the GeForce RTX 3080 12GB. EVGA continues to state, "These users may sign up for a notification and proceed without being deprioritized for a previous 30 Series purchase from EVGA.com. This offer is only good for one product/notification queue, and once the product is purchased it may not be used again."

Due to EVGA focusing on each customer's EVGA Score, all notifications in Queue 3.0 will be staggered through the Score Tiers. This way, each tier level will get a chance to purchase the product by applying for the notifications. But, the higher your EVGA Score, the more opportunity is given.

You can find out more information on the process on EVGA's Queue 3.0 webpage.

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