Eurocom Unleashes Nvidia’s Flagship Quadro K5100M Workstation Mobile GPU with 8GB of VRam

Usman Pirzada

Eurocom has recently updated its Neptune 3.0 Mobile Workstation with Nvidias Flagship GPU - the Quadro K5100M which has a staggering 8GB worth of VRam (GDDR5). The GPU is based on the Kepler architecture (GK104 Core) and features 1536 (unified) CUDA Cores. The Neptune 3.0 is arguably the most powerful mobile workstation on the planet.

Eurocom Neptune 3 with Quadro K5100M - Highest End Processing in a Mobile Workflow

NVIDIA Quadro K5100MOne things for sue, the custom built Neptune 3 laptop will target a very specific market - namely the traveling worker whos need is the highest professional grade equipment without sacrificing portability. Even from a gaming aspect the Quadro K5100M is about the best - scoring around 7000 in 3dMark 11 is second Only to the 780M GPU. That The true power of Eurocom's Neptue 3 and the Quadro K5100m lies in DirectCompute, OpenCL, and CUDA Applications.

Heres what Eurocom's President Mark Bialic had to say: "Eurocom Mobile Workstations help engineering companies innovate, become more efficient, productive and offer customers new services faster and at a lower cost. Being able to travel to customers and stake holders locations with capable mobile hardware is a huge advantage for our customers"

Eurocom Neptune 3.0 Specifications

Via TechPowerup

Eurocom Neptune 3.0 NVIDIA Quadro K5100M17.3" EUROCOM Neptune 3.0

  • 17.3" Matte or Glossy LCD Led backlit panel - Full 1980x1080 HD Resolution
  • Intel HM87 chipset, 4th Generation Intel Core Processors supported up to Intel Core i7-4930XM Processor Extreme Edition
  • Up to 32 GB memory; 4x SODIMM sockets, supports DDR3-1600
  • MXM 3.0b graphics interface with support for NVIDIA GeForce, NVIDIA Quadro and AMD Radeon.
  • Weight & Dimensions: 3.9 kg/8.58 lbs; 412x276x45.4-41.8mm/16.5x11.2x1.8-1.7inch

Powered with the Quadro K5100m and supporting up to 5 HDDs in Raid Mode the Neptune 3 will pack one hell of a punch. No pricing details have yet been released however keeping in mind that the just the Quadro K5100m costs $1800, this Beast of a Workstation will be priced upwards  of $6000.


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