Enotria: The Last Song is a Fresh Take in Souls-like RPGs Developed by Italian Studio Jyamma Games

Enotria: The Last Song

Tokyo Game Show 2022’s Day Three is currently underway, with tons of games shown by developers such as Capcom, Sega, Bandai Namco, and other developers. Smaller developers are also present at the show, such as Italian studio Jyamma Games and their upcoming Souls-like action RPG Enotria: The Last Song.

Enotria takes place in a world based on Italian culture and folklore. The Universe plays a role in the game. Stories unfold and weave the constantly changing tapestry, neatly tying up into Reality itself. The Canovaccio is a consequence of extraordinary individuals using the Story to trap it on paper.

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You can watch a brand-new trailer for Enotria: The Last Song below, which has some gameplay packaged within.

The player is tasked with being the force that frees Enotria from its current state and is called the Force of Change. Armed with Souls-like mobility and various weapons at your disposal, like spears, crossbows, and swords, to name a few. Enotria’s world is a lush and colorful one and one you’ll be exploring a lot.

The trailer shows off various environments that you’ll do combat in Enotria: The Last Song. You'll course through places like grassy hilltops, dark caves, fairgrounds, and more. Players will also have access to various abilities in battle aside from their movement. The trailer caps off with a campfire and a sword on the beach, a nod to the campfires you’ll see throughout the Dark Souls games.

As for release, Enotria: The Last Song doesn’t have a concrete release date or platforms it’s set to launch. We’ll continue to update as more information for Enotria: The Last Song is released, though, and you’ll find it here first. Enotria: The Last Song is currently in development, with no confirmed release date yet. You can visit the game’s website here.

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