How To Enable Night Mode In Twitter For iOS, Android


Here's how you can enable Night Mode (Dark Mode) in official Twitter app for iOS or Android.

Enable Night Mode In Twitter For iOS Or Android For A Better Experience In Low Light

Twitter brought Night Mode to its official app just a short while back. Although the feature had been available for Android users for quite a while but it was seeing itself slip inside the beta cage for an extended period of time. Now though, the dust has completely settled and the aforementioned feature is available for everyone. Here's how you can enable it and put less strain on your eyes while using the app in low light conditions on your smartphone or tablet.

Enable Night Mode In Twitter For iOS

1. Assuming you have Twitter for iOS (download link) installed on your iPhone or iPad, launch it.

2. Now tap on the 'Me' tab.

3. See that 'Settings' cogwheel icon? Tap on it.

4. You'll be presented with a bunch of options immediately. Select 'Turn on night mode' to turn the lights down.

Follow the steps again and select 'Turn off night mode' to revert the changes you've made.

Enable Night Mode In Twitter For Android

1. Launch the Twitter for Android app (download link).

2. Tap on your profile image at the top left hand corner or swipe towards the center from the left to bring up the hamburger menu.

3. You'll see a 'Night mode' switch. Simply tap to turn it on. Follow the steps again to revert back the changes if you want.

Wrap Up

Night Mode is a brilliant addition to the Twitter app for a wide variety of reasons. But the basic purpose is to make low light legibility a tad bit better than before, resulting in lesser eye strain so that you can use the service for an extended period of time even when the lights are out.

On the flip side, if you have a dark setup on your smartphone or tablet, Night Mode will fit right in with the rest of the OS. It definitely looks cool as well if you're asking us. But things would've gone through the roof if Twitter had a 'true' Night Mode with pitch black background rather than dark blue. The app would've popped out on an AMOLED display.

But of course, we're certain Twitter has its reason why it limited itself to dark blue at launch. Maybe a future update will spin things around.