Enable Hotspot On iPhone 5 And More Free Without Jailbreak

A new exploit has been discovered which allows users to enable hotspot on iPhone 5 as well as iPad tablet free of cost. The best part is, this method does not require a jailbroken device. iTweakiOS team is behind the discovery of this exploit as well as the creating of the method to enable hotspot on iPhone 5 and other supported devices.. Their previous work includes releasing hacked carrier bundles for U.S. carriers that improve network performance, the team has also been able to enable high-definition voice as wel as other features. Their latest project brings the method to enable hotspot tethering for free on iOS 6 or even the first two betas of iOS 7 without having to jailbreak the device itself.

iPhone 5

The team believes that while they have found a solution, their exploit is likely to be patched by Apple once iOS 7 reaches GM release time. Since the process entails modification of .plist files by the user, which isn't exactly an easy task, people who wish to make use of this method have been advised to backup their devices prior to attempting the procedure. It must be done on the person's own risk, no one will be responsible if you somehow manage to harm your device through the process.

The iTweakiOS team says that they have confirmed this method to enable hotspot on iPhone 5 free to work with T-Mobile, though its likely that it may work with other U.S. carriers as well. Before you begin tethering, do ensure that you have an unlimited data plan, else you will be charged astronomically for all the data consumption. The team has posted step by step instructions for the entire procedure on their blog.

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