According To Elon Musk, Technology For Tesla’s Future Autopilot Systems Is Working Well


Elon Musk shared news about Tesla’s latest project: creating fully self-driving cars. Musk shared updates about this project including the Enhanced Autopilot mechanism and the semi-autonomous driver assist system which the company wishes to release before the full autonomy cars become available. The CEO addressed multiple follower questions on twitter regarding the new systems.

Tesla owners are impatient for Autopilot systems

Tesla owners are becoming impatient for the new systems to arrive. The company had announced that all manufactured cars that were going forward would have all the required hardware to achieve the full autonomy. Tesla owners have been waiting for this for quite some time now and the ones who had received the delivery already were told that the cars will not have Tesla’s existing Autopilot system and instead would have to wait for the Enhanced Autopilot. Now the users can’t wait any longer.

So what does the enhanced autopilot do? Well, it seems pretty obvious from the name it will be much better than the version before. According to the company, the new system will include features like speed matching with the traffic situation, lane keeping, automatic lane switching, self-parking, summoning on startup and freeway merging and exit. Well, it all sounds pretty amazing, but when will we able to get our hands on it?
Tesla hopes to make all this possible in no time. This particular piece of technology relies heavily on image processing through onboard neural net for the purpose of object identification and avoidance. Musk wrote in another tweet that the progress is ‘working well’ and all Tesla has to do now is validate the effectiveness of the technology in varying conditions. In other words, a lot of driving has to be done to test the vehicles using this technology.

Next year, new hopes

Well, one thing is for sure though, we will not be getting the Enhanced autopilot anytime in 2016 but hopefully, the next year will bring this technology in the market. If this works out well it will be a step forward towards Musk’s other goals. He had targeted the end of 2017 for a cross-country test of completely automated driverless Tesla cars. 2017 will definitely be an interesting year for Tesla and of course for us too.


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