UE4 Elemental Tech Demo Looks Glorious Remastered in Unreal Engine 5.1 With Lumen and Volumetrics

Unreal Engine 5

It has been over ten years since the release of the UE4 Elemental Demo, and in 2022, this tech demo doesn't look as impressive as it did in 2012. The demo, however, has been made somewhat relevant again thanks to a developer who remastered it in Unreal Engine 5.1, complete with Lumen and Volumetrics.

The remastered Elemental tech demo has been developed by Dylan Browne, who re-lighted most of the interior scenes for a better cinematic feel, as the original demo used static lighting. While the demo doesn't use ray traced Lumen, it still looks impressive, highlighting the huge technological leap for lighting since 2012.

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Decided to do a fun 1 day project to convert the very old (10 years!) Elemental demo by Epic to UE5.1 (UE5-Main Branch), this isn't just a straight conversion as this demo was obviously lit with static lighting and fake bounce lights etc. So I went about re-lighting most of the interior scenes for a more cinematic look and to make use of Lumen as well as Volumetric Fog which didn't exist in engine when this was released originally.

All lighting is Dynamic using software Lumen only, no Ray Traced Lumen as it didn't add much to this particular scene, all the volumetric fog gets it indirect lighting from Lumen too.

If you never saw the original Unreal Engine 4 Elemental tech demo, you can check it out below.

The Unreal Engine 5 is the latest version of the game engine developed by Epic. More information on it and its features like Lumen can be found on its official website.

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