Elden Ring, Tales of Arise Are Part of Sony’s Taipei Game Show Lineup

Elden Ring

Sony recently announced its Taipei Game Show line-up, and it includes some third party titles like Elden Ring and Tales of Arise.

The two games, which have been both announced at E3 2019, will be present at the event in video format only.

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While it has been a while since we have seen the two games, new trailers being shown during the Taipei Game Show is not a given, considering it isn't considered a major event, so we should moderate the expectations to avoid being disappointed.

Still, we may finally learn more about Elden Ring. Last week, From Software revealed, through a New Year's Card on its website, that the game may be released in June. An official announcement has yet to come in, so there's no way to tell if we will truly be able to play the team's next game in around 5 months.

Elden Ring is one of the most mysterious games in development for PC and consoles. According to Hidetaka Miyazaki, it will be From Software's biggest game yet, and rumors suggest that it will expand the scope seen in the Souls series considerably.

  • Specific skills like crouch, swim, dive, power stance, dash, crafting herbs, magic, dual wield, parry, deflect, climb, hiding in the environnement, faith, drain, roll, super armor, high jump, awareness, knowledge

  • Skill trees with different paths.

  • The skills attributed depend on your starting class. You obtain some skills during the game depending on your build by using skill points.

  • Your arms are a new « mechanic » as well.

  • There is a « hand » command.

  • You have to sheath your weapon to use the Hand command.

  • Grab and launch objects (interrupters, levers, rocks...), push rocks, inspect the walls and manually push blocks by using both the joystick and the grab command.

  • No indication to what you can or can’t grab/push. By that I mean no text when you stand in front of a lever to activate it.

Elden Ring and Tales of Arise are currently in development for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Release dates for both games have yet to be confirmed.

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