ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 Pro+ Auto-Empty Vacuum Gets a $300 Discount


Robot vacuum cleaners but without auto-empty stations? No bueno. ECOVACS recently introduced its DEEBOT N8 Pro+, its latest robovac that features TrueDetect, an intelligent 3D obstacle avoidance technology. N8 Pro+ makes effortless power cleaning possible by using not only the new tech but also new hardware components to remove the hassle from the cleaning process.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 Pro+ brings intelligent floor cleaning with supercharged suction power

It usually takes quite some research for a homeowner to find a smart vacuum cleaner that's good at both vacuum and mop. DEEBOT N8 Pro+ is an expert at both while also managing to empty its own dustbin when it's done vacuuming and mopping the floors.

N8 Pro+ benefits from an array of technologies that enable it to work quietly even when it has to increase the suction power on carpets when vacuuming or avoid them when mopping. With a maximum suction power of 2600Pa, N8 Pro+ is serious about removing dirt and dust stuck deep in floor crevices or embedded in the carpet.

Unlike the messy drip system of other mopping robots, the OZMO™ Mopping System uses a precision micro-water pump to avoid leaks and over-wetting of floors. With four levels of water flow, you can adjust the settings to fit your needs.

One of the fascinating technologies that DEEBOT N8 Pro+ uses is 3D Structured Light Technology, which helps the robovac detect, avoid, and clean around furniture and objects like shoes and cords, so you don't need to clean before cleaning. Robovacs are no longer mindless machines that just go around bumping with everything. With the help of TrueDetect, N8 Pro+ precisely scans for depth and distance to create a fast and accurate 3D image of space and objects down to the millimeter level to ensure the best cleaning route possible.

Add in the Laser-based LiDAR navigation with advanced dToF sensors, and you have got your hands on an efficient device that makes smarter cleaning just a tap away.

DEEBOT N8 Pro+ vacuum and mop gets a blockbuster offer

It may not be Black Friday, but ECOVACS is offering its most powerful N8 Pro+ with Auto Empty Station at an incredible discount. Originally priced for $799.99, you can now get yourself this efficient smart cleaner for just $499.99 for a limited time.

Head over to Amazon and add coupon code SDN8P499 to get the full discount of $300! The deal is live until the end of this month, which gives you plenty of time to do your research and invest in this incredible cleaning monster.

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